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About Us

About the Medical Clinic

Preeminent Health & Wellness was established to provide Exceptional Care, for Exceptional People! Thats why our patients will experience the expertise of a wide array of medical professionals that include medical doctors, doctors of pharmacy, and nurse practitioners.


Our combined efforts will produce optimal outcomes above and beyond our competitors by identifying and treating your conditions with accuracy according to evidence-based medicine. Our providers stay abreast of the latest in medical information. Ly et us take your journey to wellness with you!


Providing you with the best doctors for the best care

Janet Pelmore, MD_edited.png
Janet Pelmore, MD

Dr. Pelmore is an expert in the field of family medicine, Pulmonology, and Addiction management to name a few! She excels in delivering up to date therapies spanning across a multitude of diverse disciplines. Dr. Pelmore is a true life-long learner and entrepreneur. She is passionate about what she does and the patients she serves. We are very proud to have her over our clinic guiding our team to stay abreast of current topics and treatments! 

Dr. Brad Medling, Pharm.D

Dr. Medling brings a truly unique aspect to the practice by having expertise in current and emerging medical treatments and by being a drug expert which will ensure a higher margin of success in clinical outcomes. Dr. Medling is driven by providing excellence in patient care and making patient safety and well-being his primary concern. 

FNP-C Coming Soon!

We are in the process of carefully selecting a mid-level provider to join our team! We have high standards for knowledge, experience, and standard of care. We expect the best from our providers so we deliver services unparalleled! Stay tuned!

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